Please welcome February’s GDT



Hi everyone! My name is Trina. I’m a SAHM who lives in Auckland. A lot of you may know my story, but I thought I’d share it with you again. I started to scrapbook well before I realised it had a name, and when my MIL asked if I’d seen this new shop down the road, it was like I’d finally come home. As they say, the rest is history.

I’ve been scrapping ever since – approx. 9-10 years – once my twins started sleeping through the night.

I’ve found it to be not only a wonderful creative outlet for me, but also a therapeutic way to mull over ideas, and thoughts as I scrap about those I love.

I love to teach and share my ideas on how I scrapbook. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passion for a hobby that is not only creative, but can be used as memories for years to come. I’ve just returned from a teaching tour in Indonesia and feel incredibly lucky that this hobby has given me opportunities such as this.

This year along with a friend I will be hosting a luxury scrapbooking event in Nelson, New Zealand. It will be our first one but we are totally excited about the opportunities this will present and the challenges we will overcome. We are particularly excited to bring such an event to the South Island of New Zealand where we can share our passion with like-minded scrappers!

I have three youngish children – twins Matt and Sarah who are 9, Daniel who is 6, a best friend and husband Andy, and of course my chickens. Currently too many (according to Andy), but just about right for me.

Life is full. Life is fun. Life is chaotic. Life is challenging. Life is good.

You can find out more about me and my scrapping style on my blog:

Thanks so much to Annelie and Crazy Monday Kits for allowing me to use their beautiful Feb kit. I can’t wait to share more with you over the month.

Very exciting for Crazy Monday Kits to have Trina with us this month, thanks Trina!

Here is Trina’s first LO to inspire you. Enjoy!


amour detail

amour detail 2


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